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Cryo Pro Mini Flask 350mL

Our Code: 205616
Cryo Pro Mini
$799.00 ex GST
Availability: In stock
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Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgery - Cryosurgery at your Fungertips!

New Model

300ml Capacity

Comes with Applicator Set ( 5 Tips and 1 Cleaning Adaptor)

3 Year Guarantee

Simple & Reliable

12 - 14 Hour Static Holding Time

Allows primary care doctors to quickly and easily treat a range of dermal problems includinge keratoses, condaylomata, warts, skin tags and other skin lesions Danish design and manifactured, the CryoPro has provided over 2 decades of proven reliable service to Dermatologists and Medical Practitioners.

Suitable for use by both GP and Specialisits

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