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INR Machines

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Xprecia Stride Meter

$350.00 ex GST

CoaguChek INRange Meter (for Patient use only)

The CoaguChek® INRange System is a connected self-testing monitor that enables patients to self test their PT/INR levels anytime, anywhere. With the CoaguChek® INRange system patients can confidently stay in control of their VKA therapy.
$800.64 ex GST

CoaguChek XS Meter Kit (for Professional use only)

The CoaguChek XS system allows you to enjoy the freedom of testing anytime, anywhere, and still work with your doctor to manage your warfarin therapy at home or on the go. The Roche CoaguChek® systems provide you with more independence and increases your quality of life.
$800.64 ex GST $1,041.48 ex GST SAVE $240.84 ex GST!

CoaguChek Pro II Kit (for Professional Use only)

Expanding coagulation testing in the Hospital Point of Care setting.
Please note: Due to TGA regulations Coaguchek® Pro II Meters can only be sold to registered medical professionals.
$1,035.36 ex GST $1,186.68 ex GST SAVE $151.32 ex GST!