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Cryo Pro Mini Flask 350mL

Cryo Pro Mini
$775.00 ex GST

Dewar 20L Liquid Nitrogen Chart

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar 20 Litre Capacity. Laboratory Grade, High Strength, Light Weight Aluminium Design.
$1,571.04 ex GST

Extractor Nitrogen Walmay

Extractor for Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
$208.80 ex GST

Freezpen 8gm

Freezepan offers Precision, Practicality and Effectiveness fora rapid no stress treatment
$2,232.00 ex GST

Freezepen Cartridge8gm 15's

8 gram Cartridge to suit Freezepen
$162.13 ex GST

Cryospray Walmay Flask & 4 Tips

Liquid Nitrogen Cryospray - Cryosurgery at Your Fingertips! 100% Australian Designed and Manufactured. 0.3L Flask, Spray Tips Included
$900.00 ex GST