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Cleaning Solutions

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Clinidet 5L

$42.00 ex GST

Medizyme 5L

Now with Green Dye for Improved Visibility
$112.67 ex GST

Sonidet 5L

$36.14 ex GST

Speed Clean 500ml

$44.15 ex GST

Vibactum 5L

$33.56 ex GST

Viraclean 5L

Nothing is more important than safety – your safety, the safety of your colleagues and the safety of the general public.

So you need to keep your workplace clean and free of disease-producing pathogens – whether it’s a medical facility, childcare centre, shopping centre, gym, school, stadium, factory, restaurant or office.

That’s why you need Viraclean®.

$40.40 ex GST