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Disinfectants, Cleaning, Irrig, Iv Fluids

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Avagard Dispenser 3M 9263 500mL Angled Bracket

Dispenser for Avagard 500ml
$29.32 ex GST

Avagard Dispenser 3M 9264W 1.5L Palm Activated

Dispenser for 1.5lt Avagard Cassettes
$41.49 ex GST

Avagard Dispenser 3M 9265W 1.5L Elbow Activated

Dispenser for Avagard 1.5lt Cassetttes
$41.49 ex GST

Microshield Angel Clear AntimicrobialHandGel 500mL

Antimicrobial Hand Gel 500ml
$18.26 ex GST

Microshield Dispenser Elbow 1.5L Plastic

Theatre or Treatment Room Suitable where Infection Control is paramount
$25.88 ex GST

Microshield Dispenser Wall 1.5L Plastic

Consulting, treatment or bathroom Multi-purpose dispenser
$19.72 ex GST

Alcohol Wipes Tub Mediflex Flexiwipes 75s

Mediflex Flexiwipe antibacterial isopropyl alcohol wipes kill up to 99% of bacteria
$5.04 ex GST