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Cleaning Wipes

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Alcohol Wipes Tub Mediflex Flexiwipes 75s

Mediflex Flexiwipe antibacterial isopropyl alcohol wipes kill up to 99% of bacteria
$5.04 ex GST

Isowipes Bactericidal Wipe 6835 75s

Bulk Qty: Carton of 12
$9.35 ex GST

Tuffie Detergent Wipes Tub 225s

Tuffie Detergent Wipes are perfect for using anywhere where general cleanliness is required quickly and conveniently. They form an integral part of Infection Control practices for any Hospital, Aged Care or General Practice Facility. The need for cleaning is imperative and Tuffie Wipes are a simple, effective way of removing dirt and grime.
Bulk unit: carton of 4
$32.90 ex GST

Tuffie 5 Universal Sanitising Wipe Tub 225s

Tuffie 5 cleaning and disinfectant wipes are ideal for the patient care environment where cleanliness and eradication of bacteria is required. Impregnated with a low-level biocide. Wipes are large, strong and easy to use.
Bulk unit: Carton of 4
$36.25 ex GST